Digital 3D Smocking Design

The paper presents a method for digitally previewing a smocking pattern design by formulating smocking as a graph embedding and shape deformation problem.

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Iterative closest conformal maps between planar domains

The paper introduces an alternating minimization algorithm utilizing the Cauchy-Green complex coordinates to efficiently compute a conformal map between planar domains with initial global alignment.

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Hele-shaw flow simulation with interactive control using complex barycentric coordinates

The paper explores Hele-Shaw flow, a slow viscous liquid flow between parallel plates, proposing an efficient simulation method using a complex-variable formulation of generalized barycentric coordinates, enabling interactive user control and extending applicability to the exterior domain for simulating two-phase flow and diverse patterns.

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Line accessibility of free form surfaces

The paper presents an algoirthm for computing the visual hull of a parameteric surface in an arrangement of additional occluding surfaces.

2014 · Aviv Segall, Jonathan Mizrahi, Yong Joon Kim, Gershon Elber · Graphical Models